Flower Power April, May, June, etc

Reminiscing about all the gardens I have started and left behind in this lifetime, I am now back in the garden– deadheading, weeding, feeding, watering, and happy as a lark, I might add. Always yearning for cheerful faces of various flowers, I recall an entire weekend when I was left alone; a lightbulb came on in my head and suddenly I was hungry to create something beautiful in my double garage. Traveling to Michael’s, it took no time for me to gather stencils, brushes, paints in brilliant blues and yellows, greens and grays for shading. I couldn’t return home fast enough. I painted borders on the walls, climbers on the poles, trim on the doors. I even threw in picket fence. It was one of the most therapeutic processes encountered through the love of flowers. Just before Sunday evening I doused with a floral spray. When my husband returned home, he raised the garage door and drove into my over-the- top, but breath-taking garden of Morning Glories. As least, I thought so. Surprise!


2 responses to “Flower Power April, May, June, etc

  1. How ambitious! And now you have a “forever” garden…in your garage. Did you paint a sun into the picture? I did something like this in MINIATURE. Painted a birdhouse to look like a log cabin, sunflowers along the wall, a child’s wagon, rock chimney. Got a pair of summer tanagers to nest there. I don’t own the property anymore, but the house is still there, with its perpetual blooms.

  2. Your gardens are always lovely and interesting…but that double garage, stenciled garden was one I’ll never forget!!

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