Website & Print on Demand

I just commented on JanetBradburns’ blog and it reminded me that I have not posted anything on my own blog in months. I need to get out here, let you know what I am up to. I have had several articles published in the Best Times,the largest senior citizen magazine in the mid-west and Good Old Days magazine out of Indiana.

Please consider subscribing to the Best Times, as they too are feeling the state of the economy. If you are interested in receiving The Best Times and you live in the Johnson county area please notify them for a free subscription. You must be a senior citizen to receive it free. Or, send them $15 for a monthly annual copy and help them through these hard times. Each issue is loaded with helpful information.


One response to “Website & Print on Demand

  1. Ditto on the subscription, AND, you can go back online to and read Carol’s previous articles, that will tug at your heartstrings with memories of Kansas City in times gone by, the Harvey Girls restaurant at the Union Depot, Christmas on Petticoat Lane . . .

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