Dabling in my Dahlias

What a show stopper! The Dahlia is normally one that needs to be lifted for the winter, the tuber cleaned well and stored at about 50 degrees. I am fortunate in that it obviously was protected by the privacy fence and is the’ Flower of Flowers’ residing in the center of my garden. Yes, it likes the sun but not nercessarily the hottest sun of the day. It comes in a variety of colors and there are small blooms as well as dinnerplate size. Mine delivers  more like salad plate or saucers of lavender to purple hues.

Once thought (1800s) to be edible and even effective for epilepsy, it has been identified as a better decorative flourish.

I have learned that if I want a bushier look  it is best to prune the middle shoot, I have a leggier plant right now, but it is in the mood to spread and offers new buds almost daily. Blooms from April until fall. Little maintenance seems necessary.

If you want a bouquet, cut blooms early in the morning or late in the evening. Place in very hot water to cool gradually.


2 responses to “Dabling in my Dahlias

  1. How very interesting! Makes me want to grow some. ;D

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