Ninja Nina

For the last few weeks insects have been attacking when I decide to deadhead. Even in this heat the mosquitoes, spiders, whatever leave golf-ball size bites on my body, seem to thrive along with my dahlias, roses, marigolds, spiderwort, and Liriope. The latter now resembles an oversized hyacinth and I must have twenty of them. I suspect insects like them too.

Determined I would not get another painful, itchy intrusion on my form, and spend weeks trying to heal, I dressed with care yesterday,when I could not postpone dead-heading any longer. The sun was not high in the sky at 10:00 am, but the temperature was probably in the ninties. Perspiration like I have never experienced prickled and trickled; my husband kept saying “you better go in now,” “you better go in now.”

I finally decided it best to heed his warning, found refuge in the house. Tony shot my pic before I could remove my coordinated outfit enbellished by my black- lace – belt. Guess what, no bites. Nearly suffered heat stroke though.

Upon seeing the photo, one daughter said, “Mother, the neighbors are going to think there is something wrong with you.”

Ninja Nina

Another daughter said “Look out, bugs!

My granddaughter said, “Um, what are you doing, Nina?”

A final comment came from another granddaughter, “Ninja Nina!”


2 responses to “Ninja Nina

  1. Lisa Katsantoness

    Dearest Mother, not to be confused with mommy dearest as my daughter so lovingly calls me…
    I love how you insist on always making a fashion statement, many times even unintended. I know those bites welt your soft skin and drive you up a wall. Your neighbors don’t know that all five of your granddaughters (that’s right, no boys, sorry Papa) call you Nina. You were Ninja Nina that day and the neighbors probably think you have a zen garden and meditate now or that you are all of a sudden flower fighter, what-perhaps karate chopping your roses now? Be careful in this heat Mother and don’t overdo. Did you sign up for that thi chi class you mentioned? Anyway, I’m glad you didn’t get any other bites! Must have been the rubber bands around your ankles and Ninja Nina attire! Love you Mother!

  2. I love it! ROFL. Can’t wait ’til you add the beekeeper’s helmet & net. ;D Go lace netting (See what Victoria’ Secret has to offer).

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