Tony Got the Mo…

Tony Got the Mole


Doubtful that we would ever be Mole free again, it took months to catch the varmint. Never in my life had I put up with such a nuisance in my yard and garden.

It is very important to rid your property of Moles because they can destroy your lawn and ruin the root system to many plants and shrubs.

Just the whole idea of the ugly little critter set me in motion and my husband, Tony too.

I mixed liquid detergent, vegetable oil, Cayenne pepper in several pitchers of boiling  water. I did this for weeks. The idea was to get the Cayenne to stick to the fur and not kill, but encourage the mole to go elsewhere.

Each person we asked had a different remedy. Try the poisonous worms, a trap is the only way to go, the best method is a pitchfork, oh you will never catch it. Discouragement, we didn’t need to hear as we felt it anyway.

After a new backyard was installed, nine cubic yards of dirt and sod to cover the entirety, we were focused on having an attractive and lush backyard. The drought made it necessary to water the sod constantly. I won’t even mention the water bill but it did remain  green and survived the long summer months. Except for the large section where the mole took up residence, the yard looked just as we planned.

Then the holes started showing up. Tony talked to everyone he knew.

“You need to buy a trap,” the garden official said.

“Why don’t you try hitting it with a shovel or fork? When it pokes its head out or where you see a tunnel and raised dirt, just jab it,” a friend suggested.

The yard was soggy and we certainly couldn’t blame it on too much moisture. Brown, splotchy spots started forming over a fourth of the yard. Squishy under foot, it was such a disappointment after our substantial investment.

Holes started re-opening in different locations after Tony doctored and closed them.

Then another authority or authoritative friend informed us, “You know Moles make emergency exits.”

“Great, my husband answered, “One trap is not going to do the trick, I bet.”

“You really need at least two.” 

This news left me less than a happy camper. “What are we going to do, Tony? It has been months and we have more of our yard and now our garden nearly ruined. I feel we are being invaded.”

“I’ll get more traps. I haven’t given up yet,” he assured me.

Miracles then came in droves. We actually received nearly six inches of rainfall in a matter of forty-eight hours. It was still August but what a nice way to end the hot weather. It didn’t eliminate the drought but it did help. It was a nice slow, soaking rain to cool the temperatures, the kind to make you want to burst out of the house in song.  

The very next morning Tony, a friend Mary, and I were out looking at plants to determine what to prune and how severely. Thinking fall, it would soon be time to clean up what was left of the garden.

She said, “What is that?”

“Oh, we have a Mole and that is a trap”, Tony said to her. Oh, it has tripped.”

What a surprise. Could it be that the rain was enough to bring the Mole floating upward to the trap that hovered just below ground level?

Mary was on the ground immediately trying to see what was caught. “I want to see what you got,” she sounded enthusiastic and excited.

“Tony got the Mole,” I told her with my skin crawling, chills going up my spine as I edged my way up to the deck and into the house. “Feel free to go right ahead and look. Yuck.”






3 responses to “Tony Got the Mo…

  1. Congratulations!

    My yard doesn’t have Mole holes but it is like walklng on little hills and dales.

    My landscape company will use a verticutter to level the ground and prepare it for pre-emergent, etc.


  2. Haha! Congratulations on the catch of the season….mole catching season for you guys I guess you could say huh? What a nu sense that thing was to say the least. So GLAD you got it dad!

  3. You are so funny, Carole. Should have taken a picture! LOL.

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