Spring From Dormant

A Virtue is Impatiens

Who would have thought the drought only sent our trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns into a temporary sleep?

As we prepare to fall back this month we are springing forward at the same time. What a hoot. The grass is green again, although it needed a bit of help. A verti-cut, grass seed and fertilizer to be more specific. but, it is a lush green again and what a sight for sore eyes after all the brown. I felt like I lived in western Kansas during the height of summer.

Roses are robust, Dahlias are dancing, marigolds are making merry, and even the Snapdragons and Impatiens  are vigorously renewed.

Survivors of the drought, they talk among themselves. We hung in there, turned a defeat into a feat. We actually beat the heat. I talk to my plants, yes, but do you ever listen to them?

Now this is just a little confusing for me, the gardener. Do I prune as usual? I shouldn’t consider it too soon; everything is in bloom. Perhaps I should wait for the real spring to arrive.  In the meantime, I’ll sit back and enjoy the second spring of 2012.


4 responses to “Spring From Dormant

  1. I can’t believe how everything in your yard is still blooming. Your roses smell delicious and your snap dragons look like a pile of popcorn – they are so hardy! My magnolia tree gifted me with a few more blooms so I’m lucky for that. The leaves are beginning to change, things are still in bloom and it’s a wonderful FALL season! Or Spring?

  2. Nice word pictures. Sometimes people get revived from dormancy, too–have a second spring life revival. I think I did!

  3. Definitely me too, girlfriend!

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