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Seasonal Splendor

241695788_dBtsC-Ti[1]To block out sorrowful tragedies I search for solace everywhere possible and find some relief.

If you haven’t been to Swope Park’s greenhouse in Kansas City, it is worth the trip. The Poinsettia seem to be more breathtaking each year. Intermingled among the twinkling Christmas Evergreen trees, they sing with joy and celebration.

And the nurseries are not hurtin’ either. Family Tree nursery, on Farley near 87th Street, has twenty-five varieties of Poinsettia.  As you walk into the greenhouse your eyes drink in the geranium reds, peony pinks and corals. Check out the variegated and ruffled plants. One special variety is frilled and a thrill to feast your eyes upon. The uniquely variegated, pale pink and almond are a delicate delight. It is a sea of seasonal splendor. One of my favorites, among many, is the deep cranberry with streaks of subtle yellow appearing to have been struck with a loaded paint brush. A person could never pick a real favorite which makes selecting a fun task.

During the month of May the nurseries start their Poinsettia from seed. I can’t fathom the care and nurturing needed to bring them to their peak performance for the holidays. And, I wonder how the stores will sell the number available.

I remember, years ago, it was considered a poisonous plant and dangerous to have near your animals. That has changed, too, just like many other things. To buy the plant or not buy the plant is no longer a question. They are no longer poisonous, I am told. I only wonder for a moment what they did to correct the problem, but my house is full of them.

So feel free to fill your world with the wonderful cheer furnished by Poinsettia. While you are at it, consider the Christmas Cactus as it is another amazing addition to holiday décor.

Some elderly folks no longer wish to bother with putting up a tree. I’m just sayin’, place your gift under a Poinsettia. It is a pretty qualified substitute.

After the holidays, when I wish to clear the house, I deliver them to the nursing homes. The residents enjoy them through the long, cold winter months extending the seasonal splendor.