A New Year and Dr. Oz

031 January is all about energizing with exercise and through a healthful diet.  I am not immune to New Year influences but try to keep up the effort the rest of the year too. New approaches are always of interest and there is much to be heard after a holiday binge.

I find Dr Oz’s recommendations  to be more appealing than others. A short month ago I was facing the holidays and it would have been a major task to even consider his suggestions.

I usually dress casually. My holiday frocks are limited so re-wearing is a must. I have never owned any ugly sweaters. Isn’t that what they call those Santa or Jingle Bell frocks? More and more party invitations appear in the mail and each time I dress for a holiday celebration I notice the same ol’ outfit is more snug. It is so difficult to resist sampling one more scrumptuous delight. My goodness, my friends are good cooks. I come home with a fist full of recipes that I try not to bake.

“Detoxify,” Dr. Oz says. “Week one,  I want you to eat no carbs. No carbs means just that. Forget the complex carbs too.”

Oh no! I love fruit.

“Week two, I want you to eat all the fat you want but it has to be good fat, preferably,” he insists. “Week three, You may go back to adding carbs but make them the dark ones, nothing white. By this time you will have not only detoxified your body but you will be past the point of craving sweets and foods that are not good for you. Drink lots of water.”

At least, I consume more than the required amount of water.

I have gotten the Nintendo Wii back out and have been on the fitness program for thirty to forty-five minutes for the last ten days. Somewhere there is that body I used to have. Seems as I age, it is the middle that needs to be widdled and the joints get stiff  too. Lack of exercise is not a good thing. I need to stay motivated, be  regimental. . . my energy level is so much greater when I stick with it.

I can’t be bothered to go to the gym. I always work out at home. Time is wasted getting dressed, having to drive somewhere, shower when I finish and dress and drive home again. I did it years ago, but now I find staying put in the comfort of home works best for me.

First thing after I hit the floor, I engage in forty-five minutes of cardio, core exercise, yoga, or lower body/upper body exercise. Then I turn off the TV, shower, dress and indulge in a healthful breakfast I am sure Dr. Oz would bless. Then I am free to write, catch up with emails, or just do whatever feels good.

Oh yes, more than two resolutions and I am setting my self up for failure, Dr. Oz shared. So I will lose ten pounds by the end of March and I will finish my Kat Tales, Volume II project.

Right now, I am watching them do Zumba dancing on television, I understand if you think about the movements, the same amount of calories are burned. the dancers can’t be more than twenty years old.

Yikes, I owe you an apology, Dr. Oz. I ate white. My husband’s potato soup was delicious on this cold night.  Tomorrow, I shall do better.  


5 responses to “A New Year and Dr. Oz

  1. Forty lashes with a wet noodle!

  2. haha, glad it is a wet noodle and hopefully whole wheat.

  3. Great post!

    Cathy Gaar, Buyer
    Shawnee Mission School District
    913-993-6455 (P)
    913-993-6225 (F)

  4. Thank you very much Cathy. How about a review on
    Amazon for Kat
    Tales. Your Rising From the Shards has been shipped.

  5. If D’Oz wasn’t trying to get you to buy a product, then you weren’t listening carefully! Keep up the good aerobic work!

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