Seeing is Believing!

Bromeliad in Bloom

Bromeliad in Bloom

Seeing is Believing

Remember back in March I posted about the focus I was going to give my Bromeliad. It is not a plant I purchased while it was in bloom and I did not expect re-bloom. It has reached toddler stage (referred to as a “pup”) and it has never bloomed so I did some research.

If it were an old plant, it would not bloom again on the same rosette of leaves. But since it is a new “pup” just a few steps of care should bring me the bloomin’ results I seek.

I recently watered the “pup” and placed the suggested sliced apple (halfed) on each side of the potted specimen. I covered it with a plastic bag as my investigation of information revealed I should do. The bag needs to be air-tight so I could either tie it at the top with a twisty or tuck it under the heavy pot very securely. I have followed the instructions to the letter.

Then it was time to wait again, exercise the laid-back persona, which is not easy for some of us – keep an eye on the apple – talk and sing to the plant persuasively. The apple turned very brown and shriveled. I‘m not sure if it was the sound of my voice or the cold, silent stare.

It is now June, and it is not just an estimate, i’s right on target, and I am astonished. I have watched this centrally located bloom grow over the last ten days, and I think it is photo worthy now. I fear waiting, as it may vanish or fall over or get water logged. Some catastrophic event may take away all my patience, pampering, and green-thumb power production.

I owe it all, really, to my friends. One treasured friend, Mary, gave me the plant in the first place. She reported recently that her Bromeliad died. Equally as near and dear is Janet, she sent me the link, furnishing me the instructions which made my pup produce.

I’ve always enjoyed plants and flowers, but I’m not sure when I have felt such personal satisfaction. It is difficult to identify where the credit to success lies. A major success, in my humble opinion… my homemade greenhouse, the gentle persuasion of my vocals, or simply the steady focus, each may have played a key role.

I’ll probably never know.


3 responses to “Seeing is Believing!

  1. Do we get to see it?

  2. OH! There it is! I didn’t show up in the e-mail feed.

  3. Congratulations! You’re a grandmother of a plant’s pup. We gardeners get so attached to our projects, non?

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