Kat Tales” is the first compilation of short stories based on my childhood in Kansas City, Missouri. A tribute to my parents is included. My father, John J. Fischer Sr. while foreman for Kissick Construction Company, helped build our historic Union Station back in the early 1900s.  Margaret Davis Fischer, my mother, worked as a Harvey Girl, hostess, and finally promoted to night manager of the upscale Fred Harvey restaurant. She was employed there from 1944 until the late 60s. Volume II of Kat Talers will follow in 2013. These connections to the past are the threads which we can all relate.

Under the pen-name of Katharine Carroll, I self-published “Rising From the Shards” in the month of November 2012. All reads and reviews are greatly appreciated. On December 28 & 29th I am offering it free. You don’t need a Kindle, download it onto your computer or phone.

The direct link is:  http://ow.ly/gobTW

Thanks to all and Happy Holidays!Rising From the Shards/Katharine Carroll











The month of May,  2012 filled fast, the Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc. conference, the Master Gardner’s Tour, re-formatting my completed memoir for an agent and three publishers (verdict is still out) working on a Print on Demand digital compilation of my Kansas City Kat Tales and Poetry collection, yes, I will continue to attempt poetry. I joined a new writing group this week. It is now June.


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  1. Carole Katsantoness

    A former VP in rhe banking industry, a member of KCWG (Kanss city writers Group) lead by Mary Lane Kamberg and Deborah Shouse. I am writing a non-fiction narrative. It hopefully conveys the impact that a life changing moment can have on a person and my response, journey treatment, and recovery. It has probably been told many times in some manner, but this is my story. Hopefully, I have something to say that will benefit someone. I love to write, but find it difficult to stay focused as I also enjoy am com[elled to dabble in poetry, short stories and essays. Tiny words liked a haiku that I wrote last week so I wrote another last night. Maril Crabtree works with me as an editor and friend as well as Judith Bade-Jones, Anne Baber, Jan-Duncan-ONeal, among others.

  2. I wish to share with everyone, I am hosting an event at “The Writers Place” February 27, 2011. It is Sunday afternoon, 2-4p.m. Refreshments & delightful talent.
    Anne Baber, Karin Frank, Tina Hacker and Jason Preu will be sharing poetry, d prose, short stories with us. Norma Herring will display her watercolor and speak of her artistic techniques.
    Hope you will all come. $3 members,$5 non-members
    Questions: 913-745-4996/ninacarole@msn.com/Activity Planner
    KCVoices presents
    Volume 8

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