Monthly Archives: November 2012

Living in a Tree House


near the Tree Top

The squirrels have an exceptional view this fall. Have you noticed the level in the trees where they build their nests? A strong indication that we will have a mild winter is perfectly fine with me. I am a summer person.

What an exceptional autumn though. The colors linger and I revel at living in what I call a tree house. I view the red, orange and gold foliage at the same angle the squirrels do. Bothersome little creatures when they eat my bulbs as fast as I can plant them in the spring, lately they have been preoccupied, They build their protection for the winter, make sure to place their nests near the tips of the branches still a palette of paint color .

If we were in for a lot of sub-zero temperatures the ingenious little creatures would build deep into the branch forks. This would insure more isolation from the cold and wind.

Our house qualifies as a tree house because it is constructed around, next to and among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees and it is above ground level. It is indeed, used for recreation, habitation, as a work place and definitely for observation.  It is not accessible by a rope bridge nor is it suspended in the trees but it could become close as the trees continue to grow.

Imagination runs away with me at times, but my tree house gives me that forever young eagerness to play house.

The over-abundance of squirrels, while scurrying to build nests look at me as if they don’t seem to mind the idea of a shared birds-eye point of view.