The Best Times magazine is the largest senior citizen publication in the mid-west. The 2012, December issue features “Traditions”. Many of us find changes in life, at times, a challenge. The trickle down effect is heartfelt as our children and grandchildren set their own traditions. When those initiated by parents and grandparents are included it is comforting.  We realize the meaning behind setting them was worthwhile, and the love was felt. Reinforcement of our past connections, embedded in our hearts, surfaces and therefore offers joy .  “Traditions derived from one of those bitter-sweet moments.

Shards eBook Cover 3-11-2013

Through agony and therapy she walked through the valley,  finally discovered that the conflict was accumulative and within. Cassie lived this twelve-year journey feeling as if her life was obliterated. Journaling, writing and more importantly her faith and support of her husband family and friends brought her a victorious escape from unimaginable depths.

My hope, as author, is that I can reach the audience of all who have been blindsided by a life changing event due to their own misdirected fears.


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